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Project Kicks Off in Sofia

All partners gathered in Sofia, Bulgaria, to kick off the Moving Balkans project, a transformative initiative aimed at fostering artistic collaboration and cultural exchange across the region. This first meeting, held from 18 to 21 March 2024, was essential for all involved to synchronize efforts and drive the project forward over the next three years.

Amidst a backdrop of excitement, participants engaged in lively discussions, exploring strategies to promote artistic growth and cross-cultural understanding. Topics ranged from communication strategies to the organization of workshops and collaborations, reflecting the project's multifaceted approach to building connections.

On the second day, the partners held a press conference at Derida Dance Center where the media were informed about the start of the Moving Balkans project, who the partners are, and what our aim is. This event provided an excellent opportunity to communicate the project's vision and goals to a broader audience, generating public interest.

As Moving Balkans gains momentum, it promises to bridge divides and celebrate the rich diversity of the Balkans. Keep an eye on the project and its opportunities as it unfolds, sparking creativity and cooperation throughout the region and beyond.


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