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Dance Workshop Unites International Talent in Skopje

As part of the Moving Balkans platform, the jubilee edition of Dance Fest Skopje recently hosted a dynamic dance workshop featuring 22 international dancers alongside local talent. Participants engaged in intensive sessions led by esteemed instructors: Joan van der Mast from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Giorgia D'Amico from Zurich, and Professor Dr. Risima Risimkin from the University of Warsaw.

Renowned musician Ratko Dautovski of the National Ensemble Tanec enriched the workshop with his percussion accompaniment, creating a vibrant atmosphere. The program included contemporary dance techniques, Laban movement analysis, and the creative process of creating choreography and interpretation, fostering a collaborative environment for learning and artistic exchange.

The workshops culminated in a shared laboratory where dancers explored and shared their skills, making this a memorable event for all involved.


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